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The Flash

The world is all about running. We all run for various reasons. Some of us run for work. Others run for play. But, we all run. Sometimes you have to slow down and run really slow. Other times you have to pick up the pace and speed down the track. In every case, running means staying alive just as third episode of The Flash tells us straight in the opening credits. 

Like with Gotham, I am far more familiar with the Flash through the Justice League cartoons. I don’t have the comics to help me interpret the reference in the live action version of the Flash on the CW. Plus, my understanding of the Flash mythos is limited at best.  Thus, I am going into the series effectively as newbie. But, I like what I have seen in the three episodes so far.

Don’t Breathe the Mist

Today’s villain is called the Mist, a man that can turn himself into a gas. That’s quite a supernatural power for a DC TV Universe attempting to be more real than previous incarnations. Then again, this is a series about a super hero who has the power of running fast.  It’s a bit over the top as far as super hero powers go, but it works for the Flash.

While the Mist was the villain this week, the main story was the memories everyone has of the day of the accident that gave Barry Allen (The Flash) and everyone else their powers. It is also a story about the reactor itself, which will now serve as a prison for meta-humans. I too would be weary about working above such as place as the characters remark as the credits roll.

Overall, it was a decent episode with a recapping of the plot that didn’t feel like a recap. That’s how you write recaps. I wish more series would do such a thing. Still, it will be interesting to see what happens after they run out of rum in the accelerator. Will we have a Ghostbusters moment if someone cuts off the building’s power? We will have to wait and see. Next week is the hyped Flash-Arrow cross-over. That should be good.

In the meantime, expect an Arrow review from me tomorrow after the show airs on the East Coast. You can also read my Gotham review here, and post your opinions of tonight’s Flash episode below in the comments.

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