Gotham Episode 6 The Spirit of the Goat


We get some Harvey Bullock back story while the MCU gathers evidence against Jim Gordon in this week’s episode of Gotham. We also get an excellent Halloween Gotham special where mad men kill rich people under the name of the Goat.

Different Times, Different White Knights

I call this the Halloween special because it feels out of place given the premise of the series. There is no plot movement here. We are just treated to some Bullock back story. It appears he was the white knight of Gotham before Gordon arrived.

Ten years before the start of the series, Bullock was on the case of a serial killer that called himself the Goat. Along with his partner Dicks, he track the killer down to a warehouse as he was killing his last victim. After a short fight, Dicks ended up badly injured and Bullock shot the Goat dead.

Fast forward to today, a Goat copycat is running amuck in Gotham, killing off the first born of Gotham’s elite. This time, it is Bullock and Gordon on the case, but everything else appears to be the same. The killer is using every technique the old Goat used, even stuff that was never made public. It appears the Goat was resurrected, until our heroes visit old Dicks who suggests there may be a conspiracy. True enough, our detectives discover that the culprit was a psycho-therapist who hypnotized the killers to kill for her cause.

Along the way, the Major Crimes Unit unearths evidence against Gordon, mainly his role in the “death” of Cobblepot. They use this evidence to arrest Gordon near the end of the episode only to be interrupted by Mister Penguin himself as the credits roll.

In anime, this episode would be called filler. It exists to give use some back story and nothing more. In fact, the Gotham story would still work even if this episode didn’t exist. What we do get is a little look into what makes Bullock think. The episode tells us that he was once much like Gordon, a hero trying to make a better Gotham. This also means that Bullock may change his character and join Gordon and Bruce Wayne when they starting bring the light of the Batman to the city.

With that said, Gordon is now has to explain what he did with the Penguin. From the trailers for next week, everyone now knows his secret, leading to a possible gang war on the streets of Gotham. Gordon is obviously a marked man, but at least his cop friends know he’s the good guy. See you guys next week, it looks like a good one. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below and check out my previous Gotham review here.

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