Finally moved to the cloud with Office Online

With Toon Radio offline, I have a lot of free time lately. Obviously, I need to find a way to earn some income to bring the stream back, but the process is overwhelming, especially with the threat of losing my home to foreclosure. Blogging should be my answer as it lets me make a living and still have time to do Toon Radio stuff, but blogging is a slow way to make money as a rookie.

Until my blogging gets me somewhere, I am looking for ways to reduce my expenses and improve my productivity. My computer is not the fastest machine in the world, and there are moments when I can’t do anything with it. I’m hoping that working on the cloud will help reduce the number of resources I’m using so I can write the 5 to 10 blogs a day that I need to write to make a decent living.  

I’m going with Office Online for my cloud apps

The problem with working with cloud apps is that no cloud word processor has all the features I need  or want as a technical subject writer. I like Word’s Reference system for instance, and not even Word Online has something similar.  Still, it is time to make the move. I will have to deal with the limitations later, even if that means keeping a copy of Word on my computer for when the cloud fails me.

At least Word Online accepts my Word features as is. The Google Docs Document app just coverts my content into static text. This is why I am going to go with Office Online as my cloud productivity suite. Office Online has everything I need in a single place. Office Online apps have similar UIs to their desktop counterparts and many of the same features. I can even switch to my old Office applications if I need more than the online apps offer as well. This solves my situation much better than using the Google infrastructure. Plus, I get to keep my old MSN email address, and have to use to use my typed Gmail account.

Have you moved to the cloud? Tell me which cloud service you use in the comments.

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