Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Corto Maltese


This week, we hunt the elusive Thea as Team Arrow heads down south on the search for Oliver’s sister. Back home, Laurel decides to replace her sister as the Canary on the third episode of the third season of Arrow on the CW. 

I didn’t really care for this episode. I get what they were trying to do, but everything felt disjointed. I’d probably feel better about the episode if I didn’t miss all of Season and an the first half or Season 2, but I expect not by much. The episode constantly jumped around its three story arcs with transitions that made it all confusing.

Back in Starling City

I liked the Laurel becoming the new Canary arc. It’s the only arc that seems to have stood out for me, perhaps because it takes place in Starling City. Still, the path to becoming a superhero is an interesting story.

We don’t get to see the hero awakening story often. It’s why Gotham is so good, but  most superhero shows only have it in their pilot episodes.  If the beginning gets any more screen time, you are probably watching an origins film. For good reason as you can only do it once, but I would like to see it fleshed out more often.

Laurel’s path feels very real. All of us will eventually be where she is right now. Most of us just chicken out at the moment we have to put on the costume and take it to the next level.

The Hunt for Thea

The other main plot is the Hunt for Thea, Oliver’s (Arrow’s) sister. Not as powerful as Laurel’s story, but definitely was an emotional rollercoaster. It also seems forced. As it takes place over a single episode, we see the story progression in quick transitions. At times, I confused it with the third story arc. First, the guys are hunting villains in one minute. Then, they are chasing Thea in another.  I realize that they had to get this plot point over quickly to advance Thea’s character arc, but they could at least has slowed down a little, even if that means splitting it into two or three episodes.

If they had to have Thea come home in this episode, they could have left out the third arc. It was the most confusing part of the episode. From what I can remember, it was about an old agency friend turned into a Mission Impossible villain  selling agency secrets to the bad guys. Thea is somewhat involved with them, but I barely could figure out what was going on with the quick transitions to the other arcs. In fact, from what I could see, this arc was only there to get Team Arrow something to do while each tried to court Thea home, making it my least favorite part of the episode.

Overall, this was the weakest episode of Arrow I have seen so far. I understand what they were trying to accomplish with it, but I feel they fumbled a bit here trying to do more than they could. But, at least it is over now, next week back to our regularly scheduled Arrow episodes. Minus Felicity of course, who is taking a week off to serve the Arrow representative in next week’s Flash episode.

If you agree or disagree with me, let me know in the comments below. If you want to read my other DC TV reviews for the week, you can catch my Flash review here and my Gotham review here. I currently having reception problems with my TV and I don’t have cable, so I can’t do one for Constantine which airs in NBC tomorrow, you guys have to wait until Monday for my next DC TV review. In the meantime, look forward to a Legend of Korra review tomorrow over at Toon Radio.

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