Craig of the Creek Theme Song Available on YouTube from Cartoon Network

Craig of the Creek

Cartoon Network has a new show they are calling Craig of the Creek. While you must tune into Cartoon Network to watch it, you can just go to YouTube to listen to the opening and closing theme songs.

Craig of the Creek Music from Jeff Rosenstock

Craig of the Creek is about three friends who explore an imaginary kids-only wilderness. It is also one of the few television series these days with both an opening and a closing theme song.

Jeff Rosenstock wrote and performed these songs, along with the series’ score, for Cartoon Network. According to his Instagram post, Rosenstock wrote: “almost two hours of new music for this show so far.”

Rosenstock is coming off his most recent album, Post-, to create the music for Craig of the Creek, and the album offers a great example of the type of music he writes for the show. Rosenstock specializes in “cathartic shout-along ballads navigate adulthood in present-day America— through a handheld screen and under a moron-led government”. This makes Rosenstock a perfect match for the general premise of the show.

Craig of the Creek Opening and Closing Theme Songs

Craig of the Creek is a homage to childhood escapism, and the music fits with it nicely. The opening track is carefree, zippy, bouncy, and fun. Kids should love it. So, you should expect your child to want the soundtrack once it gets a release. The end credits song has a wistful lullaby feel to it. Both tracks make me want to actually watch the series, which is a good thing.

Have you watched the show on Cartoon Network? How is it? Post your reviews in the comments below before reading the other soundtrack news posts on this website.


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